Home Owning…

Ok, so I love my home most days. Yeah it is old and yeah it needs a lot of work done to it just to up date it but I still like it. I love my split foyer and I love the brick. Although, there is also the bad that comes along with owning an older home that has NEVER been updated. Pretty sure our AC unit is as old as the house soooo last night it started getting pretty warm in here, come to find out the AC unit has gone out. Thankfully it happened late in the day when it had already started to cool off outside so the temps inside never got to bad. Today it is suppose to get up to 87, which outside isn’t that bad but it is going to make my house nice and toasty. Thankfully I do have a bunch of trees so it will keep the house shaded until late afternoon when the sun is behind my house where there is a little less shade. I have the 1 fan we own running right now to keep air circulating and hopefully keep it as cool as it can but I have a feeling it won’t help much later. That is all for now. I will post some pics later on that I took and am editing. It’s a cliche picture but I always wanted to do it and finally have a good camera to do it with. Ta-ta for now!!


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