Busy Saturday

So yesterday we started our day with cleaning and checking out a garage sale across the street. I sent the boys to go check it out and see what they could find while I had some much needed quiet time. They ended up coming home with a couple things, 1 of which I fell in love with. The lady had a beautiful old green trunk that she was getting rid of. She told them that she has had it since she was in college which was about 30 years ago. Immediately I thought omg what a great thing to put all my yarn in!! My 10 year old pipes up and says he thought i could use it for all my yarn. Love how my boys think of me and my yarn stash!! Image

The other things they came home with was a set of 3 canisters. I have had these 4 canisters that have sat on the back of my stove for I don’t know how long. Well they are starting to get pretty nasty on the outside and I have tried just about everything to get them clean. Plus, since they were cheap to begin with, the metal clamps to hold them shut are starting to rust. So they brought home 3 bigger ones home for me to put pasta and sugar and flour in. See, they thought of me again. 🙂


I just love how blue they are and I love the wood lids to them.


After the excitement of my new canisters and yarn trunk we got ourselves ready to head to a good friend of mines, Dad’s 60th birthday. (hope you could follow that lol) We had such a  great time. The boys were running around playing with the other kids that were there. Most of them were girls since I am the only one out of our friends that had boys but they still had fun. Here are a few pictures from the day….


The birthday boy blowing out his candles


His family had gotten him a wheelchair and tied black balloons to it.


My best friend and my 2 yr old. The sun got in the way of my camera but I tried to save the picture the best I could with photoshop


Some peppers that were in a bowl that I took a picture of. They were so bright!


One of the birthday boy’s friends brought this beautiful car to the party.


The kids were playing all kinds of games the whole day and we were there for about 6 hours. I know my 2 were exhausted by the time we got home.

Just a few of the pictures taken from yesterday. We had such a blast and I hope we can get together again with every one soon.


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