It’s Friday!!

I think I have finally found all the crayons hidden around my house. Now I can start cleaning the crayon off the walls that my wonderful son decided to do. I kind of chuckle every time I walk down my hall because he was so proud of his beautiful art work and was so excited to show mommy what he had done. Last couple days have been pretty calm around here, at least for my house it has been. Elijah won two awards at his school. He got the PE award for always staying focused and behaving during PE. The second one was Most Improvement award for his class. I was so proud of my little man and was excited to be able to be at the school to see him get his awards. School was out for the summer on Wednesday so my days will probably be more chaotic than usual. The goal for this summer is to get the boys outside and hopefully helping me in the yard. I would like to get my front yard looking pretty and get rid of the weeds that have found themselves homes here and get some flowers planted that I won’t kill. My mailbox could use a little TLC as well. It was new when we moved into this house but it is bland (for a mailbox). It has this really nice wooden post and we put some black metal numbers on the post since we had no house numbers anywhere. Yesterday was a lazy day. I managed to get the bathroom cleaned and keep the kitchen clean (which for some reason is hard for us to do). Other than that Caleb and I just laid around watching movies all day. Today we don’t have much planned. Have a new internet/cable company coming to install services this after noon. Elijah is coming back from his dad’s house and I have to get over to the grocery store. I plan on working on some more crochet so I can post something that is actually finished on here. Currently I am trying to catch up on all my shows before I loose all of my recordings from switching cable companies lol. Hopefully Caleb doesn’t wake up before I can get them all watched. Hopefully I can get another post up later today that is a little more interesting.
Happy Friday!!!


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