First Things First


Here are a few things about me:


I have 2 beautiful little boys, Elijah who is 10 and Caleb who is 2. Their birthdays both fall on Thanksgiving week. I am also a proud pet parent to 5 animals. I have 4 dogs; Madison, Asoka, Rowdy and Sly, and 1 lonely cat named Soda-pop. My other half and I bought our first house in October of 2011 and are in the process of planning our wedding. We had put it off for a while just to make sure we were stable (financially) and to me it wasn’t a real important thing at the time of our engagement. We had a baby on the way and had just moved in together officially when he asked me to marry him. May sound bad but I wasn’t wanting to rush into a commitment like that with out being together for a little while longer under the same roof. I didn’t want to go through a divorce and everything if for some reason things didn’t work out but now we have made it over 3 years and are 5 months away from the wedding date. Lots of things to still do like catering and the cake. Then there is all the small things like decor and what not. I have the important thing done already and have had it since like February, THE DRESS! I still need to work on the bridal bouquets since I am making them myself. When I say making them I mean crocheting all the flowers myself lol. Moving on… We have had out ups and downs along the way like any family does. Financial struggles have been the biggest hit on us but things are slowly getting better. Other half finally got a “big boy job” and making more money so we will slowly get up off our feet. We have found owning a home has it’s ups and downs as well. I love knowing that this place is MINE and I can do what I please with the walls or the outside but when something breaks it is my pocket the repairs come out of. like right now we need a new roof on the house. Currently it is covered with a tarp but that is only going to hold up for so long. So there is plenty of good followed with plenty of bad.


Some things I wished I had more time to do.. I would love to be able to wake up and crochet the day away or make jewelry. I love photography and editing photos even if I am not that great at it. I would LOVE to have a sewing machine around here so I can maybe learn to sew. My mother had taught me some when I was little but I didn’t really care about it all that much. I have gotten pretty good at crocheting. My grandmother taught me when I was very young but she passed away a few years later but I am sure she would be proud of me and all that I have accomplished thus far in crochet and in life in general. Probably not the way she would have wanted it to play out but proud none the less. I have a ton of projects I would love to try some day and a yard that desperately needs some TLC but all those are being put on hold until the 2 year old is a little older and I don’t have to keep both eyes on him 24/7 since he is extremely adventurous.


I am also a bit of a gamer. I play a few games online like Aion, Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, and, yep, World of Warcraft. I guess you can consider me a bit of a nerd. I enjoy just about anything computer related. I actually just took apart an old computer that no longer worked just to see the guts all over my table. Now my mother is using the parts in some of her Steam Punk art work.


I will try my best to post pictures of things as I make them and screenshots from my games. Hopefully I have enough time to actually keep this up to date but we will see.



Hope everyone has a wonderful day!



3 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. What a wonderfully full life!! I wish you luck in everything. Wow, so much responsibility and so many to look after. I wouldn’t be able to crochet with a little one to look after either. Lucy, my two times terrier, makes it complicated enough! lol This is a beautiful blog and I hope you can update it often!

    • Thank you so much! I surprisingly find time for most of it. Fiance helps out a lot with the kids and animals when he is here but everything else falls on my shoulders. About the only time i get a chance to do anything that isn’t house related is very early in the morning or very late at night. lol

      • That’s what I hear most young moms say, and that must be so hard. Early morning time and late night time takes away from much needed sleep!
        –Chris xx

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